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Our mission is to help growing companies understand the willingness-to-pay of their customers, and confidently make pricing decisions that drive revenue growth.


Chris Young


David Muir


PriceLab was founded by Chris Young and David Muir to give growing companies access to the pricing strategies used by the world's most profitable enterprises.

When Chris left Tinder in 2019, he had just overseen growth of the company's revenue from $10 million to $1.2 billion, claiming the title of #1 Top Grossing App on both iOS and Android. This meteoric rise was the result of a data driven approach to pricing and monetization led by Chris and his team of specialized revenue engineers.

As a founder, consultant, and software engineer focused on the monetization of software and digital products David had seen how companies struggle to understand how to monetize their products effectively.

They both saw the opportunity to rethink the way that companies are pricing their products. PriceLab was born.

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